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What I have been regarding as the most important is the balance between design and function. The balance rate of these two is not stable, so that I always try to think each cases.
I designed his peeler and radish grater for Wada Shoten, but I did not touched their function design. As Wada Shoten’s existing cutting tooth has been noted for its sharpness, the design offer I had got was ‘not to design the cutting tooth’. Some designer might not accept this kind of offer unless they could design all part of the product. I’ve got a bit of hesitated, to be honest, on the other hand, it is impossible to control everything even when I design a product for consumer electronics maker -especially when the product would be mass-produced.
So I decided to do this work to design the interface perfectly.
Main sales will be done in mail-order and demonstration. The styling might be enough for high-design consumers. But if the design of a peeler were so stylish, it would not suit other kitchen items. I designed it thinking of the balance of mass-market users and their lifestyle. it has made shipment 20,000 in 5 months.
translator Shoko Yamasho




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