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Cube sugar
Postcard kit
Picnic cushion
Project of designing museum goods collaborating with the TITLE Magazine.
The concept of the goods we made is “Visiting the Museum”. We consistently put the point there then selected and designed. Below are what the concept notebook was about that we placed at the gallery.
“Luxurious time, visiting museum. The time just seeking for emotion, which equals to transitory time. We expressed transitory time using the motif of museum’s form.
Cube sugar
《On a sunny afternoon, without thinking slowly drink some tea》
《On a heavy raining day, play truant from work and read books all day (available to use in bath tubs)》
Postcard kit
《A sudden urge to write a letter with a great impact, to someone you haven’t kept contact with for long time and writing it in the middle of the night》
Picnic cushion
《Relaxing in the nature with someone you like》
These goods are just a small little products, but to someone who bought the goods it works to them as if they own the stuff from the museum. If you think looking at the paintings are the main, museums are beautiful and functional supporting role. Same to “drinking tea”, “reading books”, “writing letters” and “going on a picnic” are the main and what we designed this time are the supporting role. So the Guggenheim’s icon, the motif of the building,, are used as transitory as possible. It is just a short time that it retains its shape. The motif that makes the main action all the better and vanishes. Hoping that these goods will make the daily life of customers all the better is the concept of this project.
Cube sugar
Postcard kit
Picnic cushion
委托客户:富士电视台 株式会社

End of production | Guggenheim Museum Exhibition | Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo 2004 |Photo Seiji Himeno



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