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Air massage chair


This is a massage chair called ‘Sylphino’ by produced MARUTAKA. It’s been on sale since November 2009. All the chair’s movements use pressurized air so it doesn’t push and rub the body the way past massage chairs have. It has many built in air bags with new shapes and is made so that it can properly stretch and massage the body. The appearance of the chair was designed with this in mind and has a slightly softer look. In order to keep a balance with the chair’s functions it hasn’t been designed in the same way as for regular furniture, but I think it gives the appearance of a chair that will help stretch the body. And, naturally, it’s a compact size so it can still be a good fit in a home for a woman who lives by herself.

In production | W720 D110~168 H1100 | 262500JPY |



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