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Let’s note W4 T4
Note PC
パナソニックのモバイルPC Let’s note W4とT4のWEB用特別色のカラーディレクション。かねがね家電製品の総花的なカラーリングに疑問を持っていたので、今回は「その色の理由」を順序だてて組み立てていく方法をとりました。
This is a color direction project for web shop of Panasonic Mobile PC.
I have been questioning about the flowery color variation of electronic devices, so I took a method to build up the background story of the color.
As its focus was on female users, I established a character of the users in collaboration with Itochu Fashion system, analyzing the fashion trends. Then we decided the color for PC in combination with the style and color of the women’s clothes which would be wore at office or places where mobile PC would be used.
To enhance the marketability of the colors, I made a suggestion to change the color of PC according to the fashion trends.
What remains to be seen is to show all the color on the web, where would be the only sales space of this products.

这次担任Panasonic笔记本电脑Let’s note W4和T4的WEB专用特别颜色的颜色总监。我早就对于家电制品总爱囊括各种颜色一事,抱持存疑态度;所以,这次我采取「各个颜色的理由」依序组合。
主角是笔记本电脑,企画对象包括女性消费者,这是和伊藤忠Fashion system的合作,首先撷取潮流动向和人物群像。然后,配合最新一季、办公室,或是笔记本电脑最常使用场所中所穿着的服饰和颜色,逐一决定颜色。

The production end | 11 special color design



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