Sakai Design Associate
Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
Fine Pix
Digital Camera
This is a concept model for a digital camera themed’decoration’. The ‘decoration’of this industrial product takes precedence over the other elements such as the level of performance. I designed it the during the winter of 2003. It seems that design methods has lost the sense of direction after the modern design era and the post-modern design era, especially after the bubble economy burst. I have no negative opinion about the decorative digital products, so that I would have liked to design a case study model. As decorative design is closely linked to trends, it goes together with a short cycle digital products.
If the user really likes the design, it could be used for a long time. Manufactures would be able to take the advantage of the design as the method to get over the severe price competition. Adding to these merits, the design does not sacrifice the usability and the good feeling of hold. I am proud that I could convert my idea into tangible forms.





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