Sakai Design Associate
Yamaha Corporation
Bodi beat
Music player for runner
This product which was aimed for the world’s most jogging power, America as the main market, directed the view point to the fact that it was impossible until now to comfortably listen to music while jogging at the same time.
A simple fact, if the tempo of the music inside the MP3 player is too slow, it does not match the speed of running and in reverse, too up tempo music can cause a mid way give-up for running too fast. Therefore, YAMAHA thought of developing a totally new type of MP3 player which the music synchronizes with the runner’s step. When you jog wearing this product around your arms, the right tempo music seleceted to the running speed which makes it possible to run really comfortably.
The design started with the main concept, ‘Euphoricness of wearing’ and ‘Pleasure in operation’. There was a big loss in one of the concepts on the way by changes occurring to the attaching method, however the entirely new switch that makes the MP3 operable even during running and with gloves, remained and was commercialized as the original concept. First on sale in the US starting September, 2008, then available in Japan from 2009.


In Production | ABS, PVC, polycarbonate | 75.7 x 38.0 x 20.1 mm | 29,000JPN |



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